Nice to meet you! My name is Brad, and I'm the owner of Total Lawn and Landscape.

In addition to the multiple happy customers we have been serving since our inception in 2006, we continue to add many new customers each year, the vast majority of which are referrals from our existing customers. We are very proud of our loyal client base as we believe it is a testament to the quality work we provide and our accountability for a job well done. We consistently make it a priority to be our customers’ “go-to company” for all projects that meet their needs. From the beginning, we knew the one certainty is that we offer clients what no other company in this industry would, honesty and true accountability with fair pricing.

Founded in 2006 With A Commitment to Excellence

We understand you have a variety of options for lawn, landscaping and hardscaping services in the Annapolis area. Our company has a unique approach and is built on core values that are at the heart of our processes.

Total Lawn & Landscape will provide the professionalism that is expected from consumers and will consistently build an ongoing, friendly, long lasting relationship. We guarantee that all of your landscaping wants and needs are met and are substantially above par. Total Lawn & Landscape, as a company, is not limited to our name. We offer a wide variety of services that include mulching, mowing and lawn maintenance to design build, such as laying pavers or installing retaining walls, to providing uniquely designed Holiday Lighting, designed exclusively for your home, this includes installation, removal and storage.

We are the one company in our field you can count on at any time of the year. Whether projects are large or small, we will work with you to provide all of your needs without trying to sell you something you don’t want or need. We encourage you to call us anytime for a free estimate consultation at your convenience. We founded this company a decade ago to serve clients in the Annapolis and Anne Arundel County area with exceptional service. We are very proud that our level of service has clients continuing to renew their services time and time again. The high quality of work we provide and our accountability are just two of the reasons we believe we are fit to serve you. It is our priority to be your “go-to” company for all of your lawn and landscaping needs.