Shrub, Tree & Plant Pruning

Maintaining Shrub Symmetry

At Total Lawn & Landscape, we understand how important it is to have your property well-maintained and symmetrical. Our years of experience give us the necessary level of knowledge and expertise to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and looking great. We believe that maintaining the health your plants is the most important factor in our tree and shrub maintenance services.

Our installation and maintenance services may include:

  • Planting new trees
  • Installing shrubs
  • Removing dead branches
  • Trimming diseased limbs

There are many reasons why professional maintenance is so important, but the overall health is number one. Tree and shrub trimming services also improve the aesthetic value of your property. If your plants have become unhealthy and overgrown, it may be time for this service. We can help you to determine this when you contact us at (443)837-5482 and speak to one of our expert team members today!


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